The Tiny Tiger’s Program starts with students from 4 to 6 years of age. With the Tiny Tiger’s we focus on self-discipline, self-control, safety all wrapped up in fun.

Our students start with a “Karate Promise”. All students must promise not to use or abuse the things they are taught in karate. No pushing, hitting, kicking or arguing back to others at home or at school.

We focus on what we call “My Best List Sheet”. This weekly sheet is handed out at each karate class and is to be handed in at the next class.

This sheet works on their self-discipline at home. This is a guide for Kyoshi Starr to see how the students are working on their martial art skills at home. Things included on “My Best List Sheet” are a daily tally of, I made my bed, I cleaned up after myself. There is a section for School also with homework and manners. We see big turnarounds in students from our Best List Sheet.

Classes consist of learning karate techniques in a fun manner. Kyoshi Starr works on their hand/eye coordination and listening skills while teaching them the basics of karate in a safe and fun way.

Shihan strives on helping our Tiny Tigers set goals. Reasonable goals to achieve their next stripe to move forward in their martial arts training. There is no better reward for the Tiny Tiger than to move to the next step – Little Dragons!!!

The Little Dragon Program is 15 minutes before the Tiny Tigers. The students are introduced to four basic self-defenses and the first kata they will need to know as a Junior then they continue in the Tiny Tiger class until 6:00 PM. The Little Dragon Program is only for one year and it is the first step to the Junior Program.

Class Schedule


5:15 PM to 5:30 PM — Dragons

5:30 PM to 6 PM — Tiny Tigers