“…Mr. Starr has experience working with children from pre-school age to seniors in high school. He also has worked and helped children with different types of disabilities, such as, students with Autism spectrum Disorders (ADHD) as well as individuals with physical impairments and other challenges.

Mr. Starr focuses his teachings with safety in mind for class and student. Students are taught to never misuse what he teaches about the art of karate. His students are taught to respect others, work toward personal goals, achieve academic excellence, and love their parents and families. Students are provided a goal sheet each year. He has the students set short and long term goals for home, school and their karate training…”.

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Brian M. Corey
Berne-Knox-Westerlo CSD
Elementary Principle


“…Thomas has provided Karate instruction at Berne-Knox-Westerlo for approximately fourteen years. I know that he has had many satisfied students and parents during his tenure here. I have had many parents express their satisfaction with the way in which he works with his students. He uses his Karate instruction to teach the various aspects of Martial Arts as well as stressing the importance of showing respect to others, working towards personal goals, and achieving academic excellence…”

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Dr. Paul Dorward
Superintendent of Schools