Have you ever had a feeling that someone is behind you in a dark parking lot or garage? Have you had the nervous feeling that someone is to close to you in a mall, store or bar? Have you been somewhere with your children or family and had an uneasy feeling for your safety? Ease your mind, come and learn basic self-defenses that you can apply in any situation in a controlled and calm atmosphere.

Hanshi Starr offers a Women’s Self Defense Clinic to women of all ages, educating them on 5 steps to be aware of your surrounding; a guide to rape awareness and prevention; and aide to self-defense practices. In the clinic, you will learn easy ways to evade an aggressor or attacker. You may hopefully never be in a situation where you are being grabbed or punched, but should the occasion arise, you should have the confidence and knowledge to defend your family and yourself.

Everyone that participates in our Self Defense clinic receives a free gift that could possibly safe your life.

Contact us to set up a clinic in your area or at our school.
(518) 797-3574 or email us – Starrskarate13@gmail.com

(Minimum of 10 women need to be in attendance.)